January Wine Club

This January hasn’t felt like a typical January here in SW Michigan. More like a late Fall or early Spring. Definitely wet and cold and grey, but no major freeze and obviously a lack of snow. We’ve decided that this quirky month calls for some quirky wines. These wines are unexpected and lesser known. Not in line with the norm, unique treasures that we have been grateful to come across and are excited to share with you!


P. & E. Mullins

Von Winning Riesling Sekt Extra Brut

Deidesheim, Germany

Over the holidays one of our reps gifted us this sparkling wine from Germany made from 100% Riesling. We had never been introduced to a Sekt before and were excited to pop the cork. What a delight! Crisp, citrusy and dry, hands down our favorite bubbly of the holidays. It was a sure addition to our portfolio here in the bottle shop. From a variety of vineyards in the upper Rhine Plain where the terroir is diverse with chalky, clay soils and red sandstone this bubbly is complex and also lush. There is a soft citrusy aroma on the nose with a little spice. The palate is rich, almost creamy and the wine has a long finish that is absolutely charming.

2017 Tasto di Seta Malvasia

Colli Piacentini, Italy

Malvasia is a name used for about 20 different grape varieties. The varietal has been grown from Greece, to Italy, to Slovenia and even Germany, France & California. As it has taken on different styles in different locations, one common thread is that this thick-skinned white varietal produces a full body, tangy and flirtatious wine. Depending on the wine making, sometimes this varietal will look a little more orange in the glass of even a light red tone. When searching for a Malvasia this past year to fill a customer’s request, we came across the Tasto de Seta. In the glass you can see the viscosity, the weight this wine holds. The color is a bright straw color. The nose is intense with aromatic floral notes, cypress and mint. The palate was an immediately took me to my childhood, with my love for “Violette” hard candies we would get at the movie theater in Belgium. The texture is silky and long. An elegant and beautiful wine.

2016 Old Vines Mataro

Contra Costa, California Mataro came to California in the 1860s from Spain. It is more commonly known as Mourvèdre and was one of only 8 varietals brought to California at that time. The oldest surviving vineyards of Mataro are in Contra Costa County California and are tended by Matt and Erin Cline of Three Wine Company. We had the pleasure of having the winemaker Matt visit us here in Michigan over the Summer. Their focus at the winery is making wines from California’s oldest vineyards. The dry sandy dirt, the micro-climate of hot dry days, strong winds and dry farming is what makes these low yielding vines produce concentrated fruit and ultimately creating intense rich wines. Let this breath, even decante if you can. This Mataro is a blend of 81% Mataro, 4% Carignane, 7% Black Malvoisie, 7% Petite Syrah, and 1% Alicante Bouschet. The dusty nose has hints of violets, ripe black-cherries, and chocolate. The palate is herbaceous and there is a minerality that sneaks through to the finish.

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