July Wine Club

Sometime Summer nights call for a bright juicy red to pair with your BBQs. We wanted to focus this months’ wine club of one of our favorite varietals for a Summer red wine, Gamay. The Gamay varietal has black skin and white pulp which produces a chewy, fruity, fleshy wine. Due to its origin and varied terroir, it can have many expressions that will please a variety palates. Keep in mind that all 3 wines are French, so terroir and winemaking methods are on full display here. We enjoy ours slightly chilled at cellar temp 60-62 degrees. Goes great with BBQ or by itself on a long slow night on the patio. We’ve listed the wines from lightest to biggest body.


P. & E. Mullins

2019 Domaine Sérol Les Originelles Côte Roannaise

Loire Valley, France

We’ve visited this wine before in our wine club with an earlier vintage and we couldn’t resist adding their new release to this list. This is a unique Gamay as it is not from the typical Beaujolais or Southern Burgundy region. This is a called Gamay St-Romain that is specific to the Côte Roannaise of the Loire Valley. The Sérol family has been making wine in the heart of this AOC for 5 generations. They focus on this unique clone that only grows in this pocket of the Loire Valley and want to showcase what this terroir can reveal of this beautiful expression of the grape. The vineyards are organic and biodynamic, the grapes hand harvested and fermented in cement tanks with a slow fermentation started with native yeast. There is light filtration and bottling takes place at the winery by the winemaking team. In the glass this wine is a gorgeous color, there are glowing lilac hues that beam throughout the glass. The aromas are of ripe strawberries and gentle floral notes of violets. The palate has a beautiful texture that rolls and floats over the tongue. You get blueberry, graphite, a cranberry tartness and it finishes with a nice mouthwatering acidity and a little spice. Such a fun joyous wine!

2018 Domaine Chaintreuil “Fleurie” La Madone

Beaujolais, France

Fleurie is a Cru wine appellation known as the “Queen of Beaujolais.” The region produces some of the most highly regarded wines of Beaujolais. Gilles Chaintreuil is not only the proprietor, but also the oenologist winemaker. The Domaine dates back to 1908 and has stayed a family-owned estate for over 4 generations. These Gamay grapes are grown organically on hillside vineyards that lead up to the chapel of La Madone which overlooks the cities of Lyon and Mâcon. The terroir is made up of granite which gives the wine good structured and allows the possibility to age it beautifully. This wine pours a garnet ruby refracting through the glass. The nose is robust with jammy notes of black cherry ice cream. The palate is chewy and weightier with notes of purple plums and slightly savory. Nice medium tannins that finish mellow and dry with a hint of chocolate.

2015 Domaine Jean-Michel Dupre "Le Grottier" Morgon

Beaujolais, France

Morgon is another Cru AOC in Beaujolais. It’s known for its terroir of volcanic soils. These wines are deeper and bigger than most throughout the region. Producer Jean Michel Dupre has a vineyard of vines averaging 75 years old and he sustainably farms the vineyards. The winemaking consists of whole cluster maceration and then fermentation with native yeasts. The wine is aged in concrete for 12 months before a light filtration and bottling. In the glass this has a sheer garnet color. The nose is bright of sour cherries and a hint of tennis balls. The palate is girthy with a strong backbone. It is acidic with very dry and smooth tannins to finish. Only 250 cases produced annually.

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