October Wine Club

"F the Tariffs!"

Ironically, the timing of your wine club couldn’t have landed on a more auspicious day. That’s because today, October 18th, is precisely the day that a 25% tariff is levied on wines from France, Germany, Spain and the UK (among a long list of other agricultural products we love such as cheese, cured meats, olive oils, and more). The mindbender here? This all stems from a trade dispute between US aircraft manufacturer Boeing and European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The US trade reps decided to slap the bulk of retaliatory tariffs on consumers products despite the fact that they had the power to apply a 100% tariff on affected products (airplanes!). Currently, the airplane tariff increases will be limited to only 10%! This not only effects our producers abroad, this effects thousands of US Importers, distributers, retailers, restaurants, and small businesses like yours truly. So, raise your glass with these beautiful French wines and share our toast, “F the tariffs!” 


P. & E. Mullins

2018 Champalou Vouvray, France

Vouvray is a single varietal wine made of 100% Chenin blanc; the local name is Pineau de la Loire. Although it is one varietal it can take many different forms, from sparkling to effervescent to dry, off-dry to a dessert style wine. The Champalou’s are a husband and wife team that both came from wine making families but branched off over 35 years ago to start their own Domaine. With 21 hectares of vineyards farmed sustainably and with biodynamic practices like integrating the use of the lunar calendar they have mastered the art of producing beautiful terroir driven Vouvrays in all styles. Their soils are clay and limestone, rich, deep, and aerated though regular plowing. The Champalou house style produces wines of great elegance and tenderness, highly aromatic with impeccable balance. No one comes close to copying their distinct style. The one we’re sharing with you this month is a still, dry rendition, aged in stainless steel. It is gentle and refreshing on the palate and is delightfully balanced with minerality and luscious notes of honey, fruit and white flowers.

2018 Tel Quel Sarl Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme Loire Valley, France

Winemaker Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme has not taken the traditional route in his winemaking career, which is fitting since he does not make traditional wines. He began his wine making career working for Thierry Puzelat owner of Clos du Tue-Boeuf in the Loire Valley. While doing so, he and Thierry found other vineyards with exciting terroirs, old vines and ancient grape varietals that are rarely seen. Together they decided to start a secondary Domaine together called Puzelat-Bonhomme. He also opened a small wine bar featuring natural wines from the Loire Valley and a small négociant business to help support local organic grape growers and also, so he was able to supply his own winemaking with organically grown grapes. Le TelQuel is a wine made with Gamay Noir, a little Cot (French Malbec) and with two lesser known varietals, Grolleau and Pineau D’Aunis. The wine is made with natural yeasts, and no additives and is aged in large wooden vats. What we have in our glass is a fun wine with bright, chewy, berry notes, earthiness and a nice medium body. Enjoy it at cellar temperature (60-62 degrees) on a cool Fall day and it will warm you right up.

2014 Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol, Provence France

We decided to share the last of this age-worthy beautiful Bandol with you. So, before you casually open up this bottle, we encourage you to hide it away for some special evening within the next 30 years and when you pull it out, make something special and invite that friend you know will appreciate it. Bandol is framed by the Mediterranean Sea and coastal mountain ranges. Along with the unique terroir, it makes for the perfect growing of the Mourvèdre varietal. It is full of character, with bright powerful rich and spicy notes. The sunny and hot climate allows for the grapes to fully ripen. The vineyards lie directly in the path of the cool breezes off the sea which provides the wines with with a mouthwatering saline quality. The Delille family started Domaine de Terrebrune in 1963. Named after the rich, brown soils their vineyards lay in. This 85% Mourvèdre, 10% Grenache, 5% Cinsault rivals the most famous Domaines in France.

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