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This month we wanted to share with you a few of the many styles and expressions of the varietal Vermentino. Besides the vast character traits, it possesses like lively aromatics to briny to acidic to hints of petrol, it also is known by many names; In Liguria, the birthplace of this varietal it is also called “Pigato.” There have been disagreements for generations claiming these were two different varietals, but DNA tests have shown them to be one in the same. In the Piemonte region of Italy Vermentino is known as “Favorita.” In the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France, you will see it as “Rolle.” It is a varietal that does an incredible job at capturing its place. Each bottle can take you on a little journey.


P. & E. Mullins

2019 Avivo Vermentino Santo Giordano Vineyard,

Los Carneros, Sonoma County When thinking of California wines, the first that come to mind are the staples, the Pinot Noir, the Cabernet, the Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc, but when vines were first planted in California they were mostly not of those varietals. They were Italian, because that is whom most settled the area. There is a calling in California right now for more diversity in wines produced. Embracing more of the style of the Old World and showcasing what can be produced in the new. Without further ado, the Avivo Vermentino made with biodynamically farmed grapes from the Bench Vineyard in Clements Hills an APA of Lodi in central California. An area known for climate conditions that are quite similar to the coastal ranges along the Mediterranean where Vermentino is from. The warm days and windy afternoons allow for pristine growing conditions. In the glass this wine is a light golden hue. The nose has aromas of white flowers, melon, green tea and wet rock. It is lively on the palate with tart green apple, herbaceous notes and minerality. The finish is refreshing with leaving you wanting more.

2016 Orenga de Gaffory Cuvee Des Gouverneurs AOP Patrimonio Blanc

Corsica, France Corsica is an Island that lies between the Ligurian Sea the Mediterranean Sea just South of Liguria. It’s French territory but retains a lot of Italian culture. It is very mountainous with granite terroir and there are hot days and cool winds that blow off the Mediterranean, this leads to nearly perfect growing conditions for Vermentino. After harvest the fruit spends about 12 hours on the skins for maceration and is fermented sur lie in French oak. In the glass it is a rich golden hue. The nose is bright with notes of candied sage, tangerine peel and minerality. The palate is wow, creamy and spicy with a savory mouthwatering finish. It is fresh and balanced with great aging potential.

2019 Mea Lunae Rosato

Liguria, Italy

From the birthplace of Vermentino just North of the Piemonte region on the eastern coast of Italy is Liguria. Also famous for pesto as the basil grows wild. The vineyards are steep slopes above the rocky coastline. The grapes are hand harvested because machines cannot even make it up the rows. Mea Rosato is made of 100% Vermentino Nero, a dark-skinned variation of the vermentino grape. The land is farmed sustainably without the use of pesticides and only natural fertilizers. In the glass it is a translucent pomegranate pink. The bouquet of aromas is telling of its origin. There are herbaceous notes of basil and mint and wild strawberries. The palate endorses the nose which is enhanced with brightness and minerality.

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